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Periodically we search around for interesting news items to point you to, but as we are at the beginning of our journey these items will be limited, but as time moves on we'll get into these news items more and more.

For now please accept our limitation.

Charity Times Talks Security

This is an area that needs to be taken very seriously.
Smaller charities are the most vulnerable because they do not have the resources or funds to address the issue, and volunteer internet security experts are hard to come by.
Here're what Charity Times have hit on.

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Return of The Thames Sailing Barge Parade

London's river Thames will see the second coming of the Thames Sailing Barge Parade which is assisted by CNF's promotional work.

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Third Sector Talks Fundraising

The Good.
The Bad.
And The Outright Ugly.

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Charities Being Prepared for Digital

The Charity Times highlights the importance of digital to charity trustees.

This is the area Charity Needs is set to grown in. See the Charity Commission guide on this subject: The Guide

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