Charity Needs Foundation

Our main purpose is simply to promote, market and profile the needs and campaigns of any voluntary sector organisation in the world as well as report on the health of this sector.
Charity Needs Foundation (CNF) also provides relief of financial need and suffering to victims of natural disasters.
Our registration number is: 1168917.
Please bear with us, this site is under live construction and manual operation until our application is completed (E.T.A. extended delay until October/November 2017).
Security tests are currently being carried out and some changes were needed which has slowed us down and due to other commitments during September this will also have an impact on the release date, however, we are very close to production release. Meanwhile you may notice some options are not wired yet and only a limited number of campaigns are available as a flavour of what is to come.

Campaigns - This site is under live construction - please bear with us

Last updated: 20th October 2017